Breakthrough Migration Solutions assists its clients with all types of visa applications. Whether it is general skilled migration family visas, parent visas, business visas, temporary visas, onshore and offshore visas, state sponsorships skills, assessments application.

We also offer services for employer sponsored visa Australia, Defacto visa Australia, immigration agent Australia, partner visa Australia etc.

Australia’s Visa System consists of a complex set of ever-changing Rules and Regulations. With over 150 types of visas allowing people from overseas to enter or stay in Australia let us help you in getting it right the first time. Our Services make sure that you make a Valid visa Application the very first time, saving you costs and money. We make sure that you have the correct documentation verified by the proper authorities to satisfy your visa condition.

Our Services Range From:

  1. Visitor Visas – Tourist or Short Term Visas
  2. Student Visas
  3. Employer Sponsored Visas
  4. Business Skills Visas
  5. General Skilled Visas
  6. Partner Visas
  7. Parent, Family and Retirement Visas
  8. Refugee and Humanitarian Visa
  9. Working Holiday